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Founded in 2003, Certified Fair Gambling is the industry leader in auditing game fairness for Internet casinos.

Through comprehensive and ongoing auditing and certification procedures, Certified Fair Gambling meets the assurance needs of players, Internet casinos, and Internet casino software developers.  The Certified Fair Gambling seal demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to casino game fairness.

Our experience and mission:

We specialize in one aspect of Internet casino auditing: game fairness.

Our audits are unique in the industry in their frequency and scope.  Our audits include RTP reports, as well as fairness testing for games offered by the Internet casino.  We audit blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, video poker, slots, and every other game of chance offered by the casino. Our experience in professional game design and analysis gives us a unique understanding of how each game operates mathematically and allows us to design statistical tests to verify each game’s integrity.

Casino players want fair games, even if it means losing a little more than winning. That’s entertainment. Internet casinos want fair games because that helps create a good reputation and player loyalty.  Software developers want fair games because one faulty game may cast a shadow over all their games.

Players, Internet casinos and software developers all benefit if the casino games are thoroughly and routinely audited for game fairness.  All parties want the games to act exactly like those in brick and mortar casinos.   All want the games to be random and unpredictable in every way.

Certified Fair Gambling assures Players, Internet casinos and software developers that the games are routinely audited, thoroughly inspected, and are “Certified Fair.”


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Effective January 1, 2014, Certified Fair Gambling is now owned by Total Gaming Science.

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