Dispute Resolution

When something goes wrong it’s not always easy to figure out what really happened. Let us work with you and all the parties involved to help figure it out.

Consider these issues:

  • Players who believe a game they are playing against is operating in an unfair manner. Though we sometimes help players directly, it requires strong evidence to pursue player-based complaints.
  • Online casinos who find a player beating them on a game and try and figure out why. They don’t know if it is luck, if someone is hacking their system, if something is wrong with the game’s programming, with its mathematics, or if something else happened.
  • Online casinos who continue to use biased software even after they’ve been informed of the bias and have been asked to remove the software.
  • Software vendors who sometimes creates a game that isn’t fair, who knows they are offering an unfair product, and who is trying and hide their malfeasance while they continue to operate.
  • Software vendors who configure a game suite outside of the specifications that the casino requested.
  • Software programming errors that create havoc while having potentially devastating effect on the credibility of their product.
  • Casino player representatives or those in casino management who have less than exceptional interpersonal skills.

Whatever the issue, if it is related to the fair operation of online casinos, casino software vendors, or online casino games, we can help. Whether a player, the online casino, it’s software vendor, or anyone in between, we’re there to help make it right.


Charles Mousseau


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