Introducing: Rogue Casinos Watchlist

Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) represents fair gaming for online players in online casinos.

To maintain our standards, we rigorously review gaming practices set by casinos on a regular basis. If a casino fails our standards and does not adjust their gameplay accordingly, we ask that they cease to use our seal going forward.

To help ensure that the CFG standards are being properly represented, we are introducing the Rogue Casinos Watchlist.

Casinos not accredited by CFG that continue to make illicit claims of accreditation will be maintained in two lists:

  1. Formerly Accredited – CFG casinos who continue to use the CFG seal after no longer being accredited.
  2. Never Accredited – casinos displaying the CFG seal under false pretense, but have never been accredited by CFG.

How to Report a Rogue Casino

If you find the CFG logo on a suspect website, please check for its validity against our list of currently accredited casinos. If it is not listed as a CFG accredited client, report it immediately to ensure fair gaming and safety for online players everywhere.

Rogue casinos can be reported by clicking here to email us with your findings.

Thank you for helping us maintain fair gambling around the web.


Charles Mousseau


Effective January 1, 2014, Certified Fair Gambling is now owned by Total Gaming Science.

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